Aromatherapy is one of the most ancient methods of natural medicine for the treatment of body and mind. It can be considered both an art and a science:

an art for the creative, intuitive and enjoyable aspect to mix and prepare the natural oils, a science for the proven effectiveness of the active principles on which it is based. Healing and relaxing, the essential oils can be used, with minimal contraindications, for the treatment of minor troubles, in order to eliminate pain and stress, improve mood and spirit and also in cosmetics and beauty treatments.

Aromatherapy and massage complement each other in a pleasant and effective way.

The application of essential oils with massage is beneficial both to mental and physical level as it relaxes the body and mind, stimulates blood circulation, the turnover of epidermal cells, and is able to relieve aches and pains through the more or less vigorous and deep techniques of touch, kneading, friction and pressure.